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Sunderland Voluntary Community Sector and Enterprise (VCSE) Marketplace is a new networking platform that will enable organisations to connect, engage and organise not only for their own benefit but also for the benefit of the city and the communities they work with across the City.

Voluntary organisations, charities, community groups and social enterprises are a force for community transformation; community improvements and community benefit across the city of Sunderland.

Connect with shared values, work across groups, connect resources and communities



Following an unprecedented year, it is critical that community groups, charities and the wider sector speak  about their essential work in trying to ‘build better’ towards a more vibrant and resilient sector.

These organisations are on the frontline of tackling citywide inequalities.

Consequently in the planning and development of statutory and public service strategies the VCSE should be an essential partner in any services developed as part of an integrated service for the benefit of all the wider community


Let's be inclusive and deliver opportunities for all VCSE communities who want to engage.



Foster equity and transparency through better collaboration of organisations and local services.

'Build Back Better'

by developing strong foundations.

To be able to influence change and make a difference to our communities is strengthened by opportunities to work together as individuals and organisations.


Our ability to embrace shared values, passions and resources will enable greater collaborate, better community connections and recognises the importance of sharing in a more democratic approach to community development.

"Civil society needs to give more power to communities and champion diverse, younger voices in decision-making, rather than as a last-minute thought."


-  Asif Afridi, a former panel member of Civil Society Futures inquiry. 

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